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Welcome to Clarion Woods

The Board of Directors of the Clarion Woods Property Owners’ Association welcomes you to our neighborhood information center. It has been established to inform you of happenings in and around Clarion Woods and acquaint you with the requirements established by the developers of the subdivision

You have either chosen Clarion Woods or are considering it for your new home due to the ambiance and livability it has to offer. We strive to keep our area looking attractive so that homeowners and visitors find it a pleasant place to live and visit. We contract with professional landscape companies to keep our common areas watered, trimmed, edged, and colorful. Our Board is very active throughout the year and has formal meetings at least four times per year. We encourage you to attend our Annual Property Owners Meeting on the second Wednesday of each November

A Neighborhood Directory is available to help you get to know your neighbors more quickly. We try to keep it current, but that is sometimes difficult with today’s mobile society

We want to continue to be an area of choice to prospective buyers. The Declaration of Restrictions posted here governs the use, occupancy, and ownership of property. Its purpose is to protect the value and maintain the desirability of all real property in the subdivision. This document is used by the Board of Directors to make decisions regarding compliance. We ask that you take time to become familiar with this document

We certainly hope you enjoy living in Clarion Woods. If you have questions or need assistance with anything, please feel free to call any of the members of the Board. Please see our Contact Us page for more information