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Annual Meeting Notice & Agenda


Annual Membership Meeting

Pursuant to the Association’s Bylaws, the Board of Directors has a annual meeting the first part of November. Notification of the meeting time and place will be mailed out.  Please plan to attend.

Directors are elected at this meeting. Directors serve one-year terms.  If you wish to serve on the Board or you have candidates you wish to nominate, please do so by contacting Jim Stuck at 273-0543 or jimstuck349@gmail.com.

The annual dues are approved at this meeting. They are due by January 15 each year. A service fee of $3.00 per month will be assessed for follow-up notices. Please make your check payable to the Clarion Woods Property Owners' Association, Inc. and mail it to Shelly Callison, 3501 SW Spring Hill Drive, Topeka, KS 66614.


Clarion Woods Property Owners' Association, Inc.

Jim Stuck,  President

Clarion Woods Property Owners' Association

Annual Meeting Agenda

Introduction of Board Members

Introduction of Attendees

1. Financial Review
2. Area Lighting
3. Irrigation System
4. Landscape and Social
5. Street and Curb Maintenance

New Business
1. Annual Dues
2. Annual Budget
3. Election of Board Members

Other New Business

Meeting Adjournment