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Compliance with the Declaration of Restrictions

Clarion Woods Property Owners’ Association Board Members periodically conduct a visual assessment of the condition of properties in the subdivision to determine if any are out of compliance with the Property Owners’ Association Declaration of Restrictions. 

Listed below are several typical deviations that have been observed throughout Clarion. The Board respectfully requests that you pay particular attention to correct any discrepancies. 

The intent of this document is to ensure that all current property owners’ values are protected, the area remains a desirable place that encourages prospective buyers to invest, and Clarion remains an attractive place for visitors to our neighborhood. 

Per Section 12 of the restrictions, in the event any owner fails to take care of their responsibilities, the Board of Directors shall have the right to enter on the premises and cut, edge, trim, and treat the grass, remove unsightly growths or objects, and to clean up said premises at the expense of the owner.”

     The grass shall be neatly mowed, trimmed, and edged at least once per week and all weeds removed. If required, please hire a lawn service to treat, trim, cut, and edge the lawn in a timely manner.  Having a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applied to your lawn in the Spring will be of considerable help in controlling weeds.

     You or your lawn service is blowing the grass clippings into the street leaving an unsightly mess for others to drive through. All clippings need to be blown into the yard.

     Underbrush, weeds, or other unsightly growth in flower and shrub beds shall not be permitted to grow or remain upon any part of the property.  

     No refuse pile, stacks of lumber, debris, or unsightly objects shall be allowed to be placed, accumulate, or remain on any part of the lot or property. The premises shall be kept clean, neat in appearance, and tidy at all times. This also eliminates havens for pack rats and other undesirable animals.

     Your yard light is broken, needs repair or the bulbs replaced, or does not exist. An installed and operable yard light is required by our restrictions. Clarion relies on individual homeowners' yard lights for its security lighting and when lights are not on it makes for some very dark areas. A light should have been installed at the time the house was constructed; however, if it is not present, it must be installed now. The only exception is if the home has wing wall lights that are so situated that they provide the equivalent light as that provided by a yard light normally installed in the front yard. These lights must be controlled by a photoelectric cell.

If the Board determines a discrepancy exist it will respectfully request your immediate attention and ask that action be commenced so that the problem is resolved within 30 days of the notice date. If activity has not commenced in the stated time, you will be contacted. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact a Board Member. 

Please contact any of the Board Members with questions or additional clarification. (See Contact Us) Your time and attention in complying with the above is greatly appreciated. A complete copy of the Declaration of Restrictions can be found on this web site.